Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Movie Review


video credits: byunbaek1126@youtube

alright, so while it’s still fresh in my mind… somewhat and before i forget and to add to my reviews and what not… this movie! so i was able to watch it as it was screening in my state. i was lucky. i watched it with my sister, who watched it the first time without me with a friend, but that’s beside the point. i had to support Kris, and i had to experience this movie for myself… and plus, when will i ever get the chance to see this in theatre y’know. so yeah… review!

The cast from wiki:

Kris Wu as Peng Zeyang
Wang Likun as Jin Tian
Xu Jinglei as Chen Lanxin
Gordon Alexander as Josef Novak
Cong Shan as Zeyang’s Mom
Sophia Cai Shuya as Ni Ni, Zeyang’s daughter
Juck Zhang as Luo Ji
Re Yizha as Shanshan

The movie starts off with I think… the present of why Wang Likun’s character, the main girl, is in Prague as this question is being asked to her and her classmates who are on a language course program thingy, and she answers that she doesn’t know why. the it begins… i honestly forgot. lol me and my sister were the only two in the theatre anyways by the time i wanted to watch it. lol

anyways, Jin Tian has a list that she wants to do and on that list is how her and Kris’ character, Zeyang, eventually start their little interaction that escalates. i don’t wanna give much away, but you can actually watch the whole thing with the link i provided up there. but basically, Jin Tian ends up having adventures with Zeyang and in a way she begins to live a little and move past her past relationship. while doing so, she receives a letter that is forwarded to her that belonged to her grandmother. she wants to learn more about her grandmother and the man, played by Gordon Alexander, that her grandmother loved and had a romance while living in Prague. as the story delves into that back story, we are still focusing on the story of Jin Tian herself, her relationship with Zeyang, and Zeyang’s own back story.

throughout the film, it honestly switches between the time lines of Jin Tian, and her grandmother, Lanxin, explaining both of the story. it’s not a bad thing,a nd it leads up to them nicely, but it kinda just confuses many people if they are unable to process it quickly. i also found it kind of weird how fast paced the relationship between Zeyang and Jin Tian developed as well as their friends Luo Ji and Shanshan, respectively. it’s really sentimental and the whole love story was nice, it was just a little weird and i dunno fast paced in a sense, but that’s just me though.

i honestly did enjoy it seeing Kris act as i believed that is what he predominantly wanted to do… but it was kind of awkward that i found him really “boyish” looking in a sense instead of the manly charisma that he usually gives off… but i guess he was free to do this and so was like the inner child dork he is and it came out… lol i dunno.

but anyways, all in the all, the movie was enjoyable, but for me, i kind of got bored and uninterested at times only because it seemed like it just had too much angst and drama in some sense in it and i’m not really all for that.. .and some parts left me WTF? with the main girl and what not. this movie is truly something you would have to experience yourself to see how you would perceive it, though. one thing i did like was that Zeyang and Jin Tian’s relationship kind of bloomed on it’s own accord, but the stuff in the beginning and the middle was just weird, too fast, or just awkward. also Sophia as Nini was quite adorable, but i was really thinking she would appear more, but she didn’t. and i was surprise that Xu Jinglei was sort of like a second main as she was the grandmother in the flashback play and what not. but it’s whatever. not sure if this review helped, but it’s more like an opinion. so yeah, if you have the time, watch the movie! =]

oh… and what i really love the most was the OST!! Nicky Lee’s voice is on point and i wish they would release an original soundtrack album though! Nicky is ❤


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