I realize, butterflies are falling from the sky.

Butterfly Maze MV

video credits: CrestillionOfficial@youtube

so i’ve been out of my rock phase, especially JROCK… but this isn’t JROCK, but it’s… actually not sure… not sure where they are from since i don’t think it’s American rock as they are V-Kei inspired. and usually what i’ve last come across is actually popular in Europe. anyways, this is actually new to me since i usually just see V-Kei bands in well, Japan and not out of it. i like the song, the vocals are… well grow on to you, but the style on them, i don’t know, maybe i just not used to v-kei on non-Japanese people? lol but it’s kinda nice and refreshing and different in a sense. only reason i checked it out in the first place was one of the members followed me on Twitter, and just gave it a listen y’know. don’t regret it though~ =]


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