From beyond Orion you’re looking for something. When you find Sirius, that’s where I’ll be. Definitely.

SKY☆LiMiT mv

video credits: YOHIOUNIVERSAL@youtube

then learning about Yohio and he went solo, i wanted to check out his Japanese works to see how he sounded in Japanese. he’s not that bad. he sounds really nice and his Japanese pronunciation doesn’t sound choppy. so far i like this. lol haven’t really checked out anything else though. also, despite being androgynous, luckily after all my years of being into v-kei… i’m not surprised how feminine he looks, but i can still tell he’s a dude. lol he’s quite pretty, and either he or the stylist does a pretty good job on making him appeal to the Japanese audience and what not… just not sure how others feel about him, but then again that’s there opinions. lol anyways, continued good luck to him!


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