i swear my blog isn’t just KPOP related!! ^3^”

lol i’m sorry if my blog just seems so… kpop bias, but it’s usually the easiest thing to talk about and finding information for. ^^” i have other interests! don’t worry! i’m still trying to incorporate that. lol i have a few more otome games to share! plus new US movies i wanna watch and will share for as well!! plus… i think ima try to do my reviews more… but have to find an easier way to do them and bring back memories without actually having to re-watch it again. XD so yeah…. just wait and be patient with me. hehe. ^~^y ahh… can’t believe i forgot these… but also new Thai and Lao songs i’ve been lagging on!! >~< so many new releases that i couldn't keep up and more for me to go and learn and dig up again!! i really need to get my studying hat on and learn how to read Lao script and Thai script… at least recognize some words and letters. *sigh* wish me luck and just be patient yeah? haha kthxbai!


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