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미확인 동영상: 절대클릭금지 (Don’t Click) South Korean Movie Review

alright, ima start using my blog more and posting stuff. gonna start with all the dramas and movies i need/want to review… although some of it may not be as accurate and clear because it’s been a while. lol oh well… at least i’ve tried my best and what not. anyways, here we go!

TRAILER eng sub

video credits: ZINDIQ@youtube

basic info can be found here and here.

alright, when i watched this, i just needed something to distract myself late at night and wanted to watch something that wasn’t so long. lol so i opted for Horror films like i always do, but i always tend to like watching Asian horror films. anyways… now on to the review.

We have the character, Jungmi played by Kang Byul who wants to be a popular online star, although she doesn’t want to reveal her real identity and goes by some alias or something and she has like this rivalry with this other online star and what not, but not sure what’s up with it anyways since she kinds of despise her yet admires her anyways. she’s known as the “cutie” girl played by Kang Haein. anyways, Jungmi comes across this video she finds or secretly downloads for some reason to make her more popular i believe. the thing is, when you watch this video something happens to you. you get nightmares and some dark figure comes after you, or more like creepy stuff start happening and you end up dying. i don’t know why Jungmi ends up surviving longer, but i think it has to do with the help from her sister, Sehee who is played by Park Boyoung, and her Sehee’s boyfriend, Joonhyuk who is played by Joo Won.

so after she gets the two to be concern about the thing, both her sister and her sister’s boyfriend watch the video and then start investigating more into the manner and wonder who the girl is in the video and why such things are popping up. as the user that watches it, something of their past life start to appear and reveals something bad about them… like Jungmi was a bully who bullied the “girl” who is played by Lee Margeum. because Lee Margeum’s character committed suicide and she does this voodoo thing to get back at her torturers… or something of that aspect.

anyways, as it gets near the end, things start to unfold and the background story seems to get explained more… and what i think seems to be a good ending, it kind of leaves me in a “WTF” moment, only because it seemed that it didn’t really solved itself, but goes back to start all over again. maybe it’s just me, but i was a bit disappoint. i actually enjoyed the film a lot and wanted the whole thing to get figured out, but the ending was just… bleh. this is where i’m going to leave it at. lol sorry!!

{i actually think my reviews aren’t that helpful and just seems more like a summary… but oh well. lol]


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