new WP theme and Header image~

alright, i changed my theme like i always do every year. lol
and the header image is of iKON’s leader, B.I. aka Kim Hanbin.
anyways… it’s gonna be like that for the whole year because i don’t feel like doing a new grahpic like i used to do in the past. haha.
but um… yeah that’s it. 😀
hopefully i’ll be more active and hey, it’s my 2nd post for the new year and in one day too! XD

iKON's B.I

i made this last year for a friend. lol so i’m just reusing it because i have nothing else to put up and i wanted an actual graphic i made instead of using a picture like i did with Tao for 2014. lol anyways… yeah~ =]


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