You’re so magnetic. You’re so fantastic.

It’s You Girl (Magnetic)

video credits: jypentertainment@youtube

this is pretty cute and the song actually grew on me more and more, as i actually wanted “Take My Hand” bwhahaha. but i don’t really mind as this song is upbeat and fun and you can tell especially by the dance routine. i kind of hope that they’ll promote this one after “Stop Stop It” and that they’ll release a 2nd different version of the dance practice as well… wishful thinking? lol my sister was a little upset that Mark wore the same outfit here as he did in the “crazy boyfriend version” of “stop stop it” lol. besides that, i wish it was also done in one go shot and not cut off. but oh well. i just like seeing their fun and cute moments and their interactions with each other too. also noticing Bam Bam and Yugyeom’s growth and not looking so young anymore. lol but that’s the thing with kids still growing and promotions going by. bwhaha… maybe i’m just getting old. xD


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