You’re driving me crazy.

Stop Stop It MV

Stop Stop It Dance VER mv

video credits: jypentertainment@youtube

Hmm… I honestly wasn’t sure how to fill about this song as i wasn’t fond of the autotune during the teasers, but the song itself isn’t bad. it actually grows on you. hahha well it did for me. XD but yeah, the autotune for the “haji hajima” really irks me. anyways, regardless, the music video was nice, i’m not still sure about the meaning of the story itself, but it was fun watching it all though. bwhahaha. i’m not that much into it like i was to “A” or even “Girls Girls Girls”, but i will admit that i was disappointed that there weren’t any “martial arts tricking” but i dunno…. that’s me. lol also, i’m curious if the leading female will be in JYPent’s new girl group “6MIX” though… hmmm~


didn’t know they had a dance version. it’s okay. just not really as interesting… maybe it’s because i got used to the practice more? lol


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