A good bye that shouldn’t happen…

Good Night Like Yesterday MV

video credits: woolliment@youtube

hehehe, i’ve been waiting for WOOLLIM to release their girl group and i’m really fond of them. usually i don’t like this type of style… or not that keen on it… but i really like Lovelyz a lot. although i’m quite sad about the issue with Jisoo, but I hope she has a quick recovery and can return to the group to promote… and honestly the scandal she’s in… i hope it isn’t true though and that it’ll get settled appropriately. but anyways, i really like this song and kind of reminded me of old school kpop. maybe that’s why i like them and enjoy the song a lot. plus i’ve been waiting for Jiae and Baby Soul to debut ever since they’ve been known and what not. sad about Yoo Jia, but i hope she’s doing well wherever she is. anyways, my sister told me that Yein totally looks like the female version of BTS’ Jungkook… and because of that, i wanna see the two of them beside each other. bwhahhaa.


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