Our Two Bedroom Story.

OTBS Opening Movie

video credits: VoltageOfficialPV@youtube

ahhh… one of two that i just got into!! i actually like how this one goes so far, and reminds me a lot of this one jdrama, just not sure what. lol but curious as how things will turn out like though since i actually haven’t purchased any story yet and just played one guy’s route. haha.
anyways, the available housemate: Minato, Kaoru, Shusei, Yuasa, and Akiyoshi. i played Yuasa and quite like it, but i really wanna see how the others are like, and i know i usually just go with the first person i play, but with all the games i’ve been playing i might just be a bit picky and not wanting to spend some money. hahaha.
but i may just stick with Yuasa’s…. but for some reason i’m leaning towars Minato… but Shusei seems good too… but gahlee… so many choices and good looking guys even though they are not real!! T^T
anyways, more information to read it here. 😀


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