Love Letter From Thief X.

LLFTX Opening Movie

video credits: VoltageOfficialPV@youtube

sorry that there’s no english sub!! i wanted to use the video from their actual channel is all. but if you download the game yourself you can see the english sub version of it. haha. anyways, your available guys are: Tatsuro, Atsumu, Riki, Kenshi, Takuto, and Hiro. this is the other recent game i’m playing alongside Our Two Bedroom Story. anyways, again, just played only Riki and Hiro so far in their free main story in the first episode. i quite like both of them and had a hard time which one i wanted to do. bwhahah but i do wanna go try the others for sure though. Tatsuro though is the MC’s childhood friend and is actully a cop and not a thief. hahaha. but this one seems quite intriguing and i really wanna do it, but i can’t spend so freely like i did the other games because it does end up. hahaha.
more information here if you want to read more!! =]


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