10 Days With My Devil.

10DWMD Opening Movie

video credits: VoltageOfficialPV@youtube

and here is another one. yeah, they’re pretty addicting. lol and you can’t really get enough of it. and good thing that the prologue is free, and the first chapter in their main stories. hahaha. anyways, your guys here are: Kakeru, Satoru, Shiki, Haruhito, Meguru, Rein, Tsubasa. Rein and Tsubasa are actually “angels” though, but the other five are your “devils”, but they are mostly referred to as “demons” throughout the story for some reason.
well… let’s get going. i did Satoru’s route. not sure why, but i chose him. i will admit that when choosing the guy i wanted to do the route for in these games made it seemed like the most important thing in the world… when in reality it was just a game. >~< lol so i don't know what's up sometimes. bwhahaha.
now back to Satoru, i quite enjoy his route and the MC seemed alright, but a little lacking in my opinion at some point, but luckily though the story itself was manageable.
i've actually purchased all of Satoru's first season bundle because it was having a sale. bwhhahaha… but i haven't played them yet… not sure when i'll get around to it though.
i did play Rein for a short time to see how the "angel" route will go, but so far it's okay, not sure if i like it or not. hahaha. i'll just have to wait honestly, but i'm more interested in trying out all these routes, it's just a bit time consuming… but it's worth it right? lol or just spending too much time on games is just lame? Xd dunno. but we'll see. lol
you can read more about it here.


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