Let’s go together to Love Heaven.

Love Heaven MV teaser

video credits: WatanabeEnt@youtube

i just suddenly thought of this and went to go listen to it again. i miss listening to my jmusic. lol i need to find ways of either reading Japanese… or finding a site that translates the titles for me. XD anyways thought i’ll just share the teaser of this since there is a music video but this is from the actual company’s site and all i see is the teaser. lol but anyways, D☆DATE is made up of Seto Koji, Araki Hirofumi, Igarashi Shunji, and Arata Hiroii. honestly, this is the only song i listened to and really like and never really stayed updated on them. OTL wow right? anyway, gonna do more information on them later because i really need to get back on my Japanese entertainment grind. lol enjoy for now!! oh and i think i did read that Arata Hiroii was added to the whole D-Boys things. lol and not sure if Nakamura Yuichi returned either. o.o


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