DGNA is back with ‘Rilla Go’!!! Whoo~

Rilla Go MV

video credits: pooment@youtube

so the boys of DaeGukNamA are back after a while and i’m so loving it right now!
sure it’s wild, crazy, but it’s just something different and more mature in their aspect.
the things that still the same is their vocals ability. ahaha.
i also learn that someone mention that they mentioned it in an interview that it would be their last comeback…
and i hope that it isn’t. D:
i dn’t want them to fade away and disappear, honestly.
they have great vocals abilities… and are good artistes.
it’s just sad that they do’nt have good PR or much fans being interested in them because of other things.
i hope the boys get more support and views on their videos.
i really just hope they don’t fade away at all. T^T



  1. When I read that about that being their last attempt I got sad 😦 but I have hope, Dia was in the same mindset as them and she kept going and is doing better than ever. So I hope the same for them!
    I like this song a lot and I love that they put the work into the production etc themselves which gives it a much more personal touch and we can see the sound of music they actually want to be pursuing 🙂 I think it fits well with all the music tastes of all of the members so it’s great!
    I hope they do release something else after this, because the whole release was really enjoyable.

    1. hey! sorry for late reply! but i totally agree!! and wow i didn’t know that about Dia! really? well i’m glad she’s still back in the game and this time with Yumi too!! i really hope the members stick it out and don’t disband at all!

      1. It’s okay don’t worry! 🙂 and yeah! She was very close to giving up in 2012/13. But yeah I’m happy and I hope DGNA do the same and just keep powering through! They have a lot of fans that love them, even if they just do things slowly and how they want!
        At least that way they would be happy rather than doing stuff they were given to do instead!

      2. well i’m glad she didn’t!! and hope that KISS&CRY work out well though. 😀

        and yeah for reals! and so far i’ve been seeing some stuff on them appaering in interviews and shows though. so that’s gotta be good!! hopefully though tey stick around and become like another shinhwa with the being around for long and not disbanding!!

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