DGNA covers DBSK’s Love In the Ice!!

Love In the Ice COVER

video credits: pooment@youtube

alright, i’ve been waiting for who knows how long for DGNA to cover “Love In the Ice” by TVXQ… but in the JP version since DGNA knows Japanese as well. but either way, the Korean is just as good, I’m just still not familiar with it as I am with the Japanese version. lol
anyways… although the covering isn’t studio like or a little more focus like, i still think it’s an amazing cover and it really hit me as i shed tears as i listened to their vocals.
like… honestly, besides CODE-V who also did a cover, as well as AlphaBAT, DGNA comes the closes to being on par with doing this song justice and sounding close to like DBSK when they were five. it’s made to be sung by more than two vocals, and just… it’s just wonderful that way.
well to me it is, and all i can say is that DGNA did a wonderful job as they brought tears to my eyes and it’s usually not like this from other groups that covers songs that i personally love… especially by DBSK when they were a group of 5.
well… that’s about it… and i’m just gonna share this here as the boys need more love, and i totally can’t wait for their comeback sometime soon!! i’ve been missing by The BOSS boys and it’s been a long while since i’ve last checked up on them on a more comeback with their own songs basis. lol


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