EP 04

video credits: strawberryefeu@youtube

and this is the final episode with english subs.. the rest are in spanish. but luckily i know it… even though not fluent, but i can get the gist of it and what not. lol anyways, in this episode… gosh the punishments is not that harsh, but totally embarrassing really. XD but the boys were a little greedy to get camera time despite not getting sleep because of it. also get to see them kick a soccer ball around. or in other places called football. they seem quite skilled, especially Changjae. i would love to play sports with him!! haha. not much of Doyeon really, but he really has a nice silent and quiet charm about him though. so i hope to see more of him opening up more to the camera and the likes later on. which i’m totally sure he will since he does seem lively with the other four members. anyways… i will continue to watch this… but not as fast since work gets in teh way and my spanish is now back at above beginner’s level… i think. XD lol MR.MR hwaiting!


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