EP 01

video credits: strawberryefeu@youtube

i was so happy to find this show that they were on and had a little bit with it and what not. sadly it’s not fully sub for all the episodes, but what’s done so far is still good enough. anyways, watching this… their hell work out… XD gosh, they are so dorky and wanting to show a good side and what not, but still being dorky. XD Tey and Ryu’s vocals are nice, wish i could see them participate in the exercises with the other three. but i really can’t imagine Jin, Doyeon, and Changjae doing such a rigorous workout? is it rigorous? i don’t know. i don’t really work out. XD but they seriously have a nice appeal to them and i quite enjoy watching this. i really hope that they continue to do more and what not.


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