Do you feel me?

Do You Feel Me MV

video credits: TheMRMRofficial@youtube

i totally love this song a lot. ❤ not sure why, but this song is just my favorite and i love hearing this over and over and watching it over and over. plus Yumi who was part of VNT before debuting in KISS&CRY, appeared in here and was so happy to see her again and the likes. anyways, Hon's only appearance in this music video. sadly. but he doesn't really have a part along with Doyeon except for in the chorus i guess… but still… whatever, i can't change anything. anyways, i thought it was nice them dancing using the microphone stand prop and i like the dance and the like. plus they always look so good in their suits and the music video itself with Yumi seemed so lovingly and what not.


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