MR.MR’s Secret Box Cut @ Pops In Seoul~ [BIG MAN]

MR.MR’s Secret Box Cut

video credits: arirangworld@youtube

it’s kinda sad that i didn’t really pay much attention to them when they debuted and such. i think it was because i got hooked by EXO and totally forgot about them. D: anyways, i’m still happy to know that the boys are still going strong after 2 years despite some issues like with Hon and Jiwon not really debuting and the whole dissing SMent stuff, but whatever. for me, i don’t really care about such things, as long as the boys keep it up, still promoting, showing their personalities, and well… not fading from the scene. but anyways…. back to the topic, i really enjoyed this and really got to pay attention to them. i learn that they are just a vocal group. haha, so i don’t expect any rapping in their songs any time soon… maybe? and i was also able to listen to their latest release “Big Man” and so i’m definitely gonna try to keep up with them. hahaha.


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