Love’s Monologue…

Love’s Monologue (Agape) MV

video credits: SMTOWN@youtube

this is a really beautiful song and holds so much emotion because of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and it being Liyin’s home as well. the music video itself was a bit confusing, but then made sense as it went along. i will admit i did cry. i just wish i was able to read the characters when Victoria’s character leaves a message on the phone. anyways, i’m glad Liyin is back, and Tao and Victoria did a pretty good job of acting. and found out the guy who plays the husband is Song Jaerim, he’s a cutie, and found out that he starred in a lot of music videos i’ve seen him in but never knew his name. lol but anyways, read there is a part 2 to this, and so i’m looking forward to that, since Liyin always since debut seemed to have two parts music videos. haha. [anyways, i’m really hoping my translation of the title is right. XD]


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