AlphaBAT covers DBSK’s Love In the Ice~

Love In the Ice KOREAN version

video credits: 알파벳@youtube

alright, it was because of this cover that made me really fall in love with AlphaBAT and paid attention to them. lol like normally i don’t like any covers of other songs in some sense, especially it being a DBSK song in some sense, but i have to say that AlphaBAT and CODE-V were the only two groups that really did the covering of Love In the Ice justice honestly. it made me tear a bit, and i really like how their is a fitting rap in here and that they made it work with the song without it sounding force and weird. i believe i heard this song before AB City though. lol and then i recognized B:eta aka Hayong and i wonder if it was really him and then did some minor research for their profile and got it confirm later on when i bought the AB City album. XD anyways… yeah this song is special to me and so with AlphaBAT doing a lovely cover, made them more special to me. haha. so yeah~


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