[140719] M.I.C @ CCTV15 Global Chinese Music~

Steelo’s ‘Super Daddy’ & M.I.C’s “Believe In the Future” PERF

video credits: MICtianya@youtube

okay, this is the first time i’m hearing both songs. i honestly have not been keeping up with M.I.C or Chinese music in the past few months. OTL not sure why, but i think it’s because of lack of being able to read the characters. lol there’s just not much english translation blogs and sites out there. and a lot of these i have to go about and do them on google translate. XD

anyways, Super Daddy sounds like an awesome song. it has a nice beat, the arrangement sounds pretty good, and overall i like it. and Xiaoxin does an amazing job as a soloist too. so hopefully the other members will do some too, or if they already have, i need to go in search. sigh. anyways, as for Believe In the Future, not sure if this is recent or old or a rendition, but i like it. M.I.C seems to be doing pretty well and are still very active, and their music is just appealing. haha not sure why, but i like it even if i don’t understand at all. XD


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