Let’s break it down now.

I Like You Dance Practice

I Like You Dance Practice #2 (Boyfriend Version)

video credits: jypentertainment@youtube

okay, i liked and just remembered, it was I Like You when i paid more attention to them… more or less i say. lol actually i don’t really remember, i just know it was recently. XD but anyways, my sister told me to watch this and i did and well she showed me the Boyfriend Version and i ain’t gonna lie… i felt weird watching it just because it was so cringe-worthy to watch. XD bwhaha, but i will say that i totally loved the dance moves though for sure. but yeah it was a lot of fun watching this and hearing them laugh, but i totally enjoyed it because of Youngjae as he sang both of his parts live while doing the practice. his vocals ❤ made me fall in love. bwhaha. but yeah, i hope they continue to do more dance practices and the likes and i wish them all the best on their music journey.


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