GOT7’s A stories.

JB’s Story

Mark’s Story

Jackson’s Story

Jr.’s Story

Youngjae’s Story

Bam Bam’s Story

Yugyeom’s Story

video credits: jypentertainment@youtube

ahhh… so i finally got around to learning the other boys as JYPE’s new boy group, GOT7… but i didn’t really pay attention to them until their “A” comeback. XD i know i know, but there’s so much going on. lol anyways, so i’m in like in ADORBS with these boys. haha, they’re so adorable, cute, funny, and it’s good to see them do pretty well, and they have really made me like them a lot considering i’m not really a JYPE kind of person after the whole Jay Park and 2PM incident and the likes… so GOT7 has redeemed JYPE for me… in some sense. lol but um, as for the stories, i’m a little confuse with some of them, especially with Youngjae’s, but i think it’s like a aide they wish it went well and then the reality of how it actually went? lol not sure, but oh well, it’s all good. it was fun watching this and see them act around the girl they like and such.


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