Every lady wants a piece of me.

Girls Girls Girls MV

Girls Girls Girls Dance Practice

Girls Girls Girls Dance Practice #2

video credits: jypentertainment@youtube

alright, i did remember watching their performance and hearing their debut song when they first debuted… but i wasn’t really feeling the song at that time, and so i never bothered watching the music video until i watched a clip of them at the Secret Box and what not. anyways, the song grew on me after i look up the lyrics and saw how it was like, and it’s not that bad fo a guy. the only thing that confuses me every time i watch the mv, the dance practices and the performances is Jackson’s parts when he sings and does this hand motion to his hips. i don’t know why, but it just peeves me. lol anyways, the one thing i do like about GOT7’s choreography is that it’s like kind of all over the place and not so like in one spot.. not sure how toe explain it, but they utilize the whole stage and just move a grip. lol that what really makes me pay attention to them. lol it’s their dance moves. XD


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