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Yu Kewei – Shijian Zhu Yu (Time Boiled Rain) OST MV “Tiny Times 1&2”

video credits: YuLun@youtube
Kris Wu – Shijian Zhu Yu (Time Boils the Rain) OST MV “Tiny Times 4”

video credits: Kpop BoyGroup@youtube

i knew i heard this song before and it was used for the first two installment of Tiny Times!! i just didn’t know who the singer was at the time. lol now i know, and it was Yu Kewei. her vocals are lovely and it really suits Tiny Times and she has a more… how do you nostalgic feel to it in some since. as for Kris rendition of the song, it’s nicely done as well and also fits for the upcoming 4th installment which i cannot wait for!! his vocals are really surprisingly good and i like it. hope to hear more. anyways, so this means there has got to be more since the 4th one seems quite dramatic and sad too just like the others, and i still need to watch the 3d one!! i need subs for sure though. lol but i can’t wait to see how it is especially with the new characters and replacement and what not.


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