Posted in EXO, f(x), Zhang Liyin

爱的独白 (Agape)

Ai de Dubai (Agape) MV teaser.

video credits: SMTOWN@youtube

google translate the title as ‘Love Monologue’. i just know that “Love” is correct. lol not sure about “de dubai” or if that’s right or whatever. anyways, ABOUT FCUKING DAYUM TIME AND SHIET THAT LIYIN IS MAKING A COMEBACK!! miss this girl and can’t wait for the whole song. i really like how it starts off and her vocals have really improved or been more controlled now. or just both in general. lol i think it’s going to be a really good song, and i cannot wait to hear it. as for the storyline i see within the teaser, Victoria is a mother to Tao, or something like that as it shows flashbacks and the likes… or it brings up memories, not sure… but curious as how the storyline is like as well as how the music will match it or whatever. curious, curious!! can’t wait!! miss ZLY!! <3333


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