so, who’s going to KCON’14?

i’ve already bought my tickets. i’m going to do the 2 day thing with the whole concert. and i was really expecting for them to invite more artistes since it’ll be a two day performance, but i see it’s only 10… so it made me wonder if the artistes are gonna perform more than 3 songs, and if there will be a lot of local artistes performing as well or whatever. anyways i hope this year will be a little more funner and what not, and not such a hassle like last year… and even the year before that was still some hassle… i feel like there will be some hassle, but in the end, i’m there for the music and hopefully meeting some random fans too. hopefully though, most of the fans don’t seem so close off as like they are friendly online but in real life, they don’t seem like so. but yeah… something to look forward in August. hahaha. so who else is going?


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