Xu Jinglei returns with new film; are females more likely to cast new actors?

yes i took interest of this because of Kris… but still i’m looking forward to this because Xu Jinglei is a casting new faces for people to learn to love and she herself from what i’ve read has done a great job with all of her other movies she has directed and what not. i hope a summary for this comes up though. i need something to do as i wait for Tiny Times 3. lol

wikipedia page here.


6af6fff3jw1ehopwj9fj0j20hs0hoach After overspending on plane tickets, Xu Jinglei decides to film the entire movie via her iPhone.

One of China’s most successful chick flick directors, Xu Jinglei, returns after a two-year hiatus with “Somewhere only we know.”   As with before, she’s using all new film leads, including Wang LikunKris Wu YifanZhang Chao, and Reyizha  The script is written by Wang Shuo of the box-office record-breaking films Personal Tailor and  If you’re the one 2. More photos and musing below the cut.

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