Huang Yali’s Butterfly Fountain & Mars Loves the Moon~

Hudie Quanbian MV

video credits: farocean10@youtube

Xuoxing Ai Yueliang AUDIO

video credits: lightronger@youtube

alright, the translation for the first song may be wrong because i google translate, but i know that “hudie” means Butterfly though. lol anyways, thanks to idarklight‘s suggestion i took a listen to more of songs from Huang Yali that has similar feel to her other song, Country garden fragrances 田园香. anyways, both songs are really nice and i love the way they sound and have that. reminiscing feeling to it. well i seem to think so that is. lol i think i found another artist to fall in love with and she has participated in Super Girl in 2005. 😀



  1. 泉 is a spring (wellspring, where water comes out)
    边 here means beside / near / by

    So there are two ways to parse this title …
    one is 蝴蝶泉 is the name of the spring, thus we could call the song “By the Butterly Spring”
    the second is, there is an implied “在” (at) in the phrase, thus “Butterflies by the Spring”

    Keep up working on your Chinese, I learned a lot from music and tv shows as well. Any questions on translation just shoot me an email.


    1. awesome, thank you so much for the explanation! that definitely helps me out here and trying to understand it better. and yeah, i’m slowly learning, but it’s just associating and memorizing certain characters and the likes. thanks again! =]

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