2014 release TRAILER for ‘The Giver’.


video credits: The Weinstein Company@youtube

you can read more about it here.

i will have to say i’m interested as this is not entirely like the book and it has been changed… a lot in a way. first off… Jonas is now a 16yo, compare to the book being 11 or 12 years of age. i was imagining that they would film it in a more black and white since that’s how the book made it seemed to be and what not. so i’m not sure… how it will be done, since i really loved and enjoyed the book and never quite fond of directors changing it up so they could appeal to a larger audience and what not. but whatever… that’s Hollywood.

anyways, the only thing that kinda irked me is the fact that the ending should have been more of an open ending… which it seems like it, but i clearly do not remember a ship beaming Jonas and the baby who’s name is Gabriel away. but yeah… whatever. so this makes me wonder how they would do the other book, Gathering Blue which is part of The Giver series and the other two after that, if they do. i’ve only read The Give and Gathering Blue. Still in the works to read Messenger and Son. but yeah, curious as how this will turned out and the acting of the others as i’ve only really seen Katie Holmes.


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