Tiny Times 3.0 TRAILER [电影《小时代3:刺金时代》先导预告 ]

Tiny Times 3.0 TRAILER

video credits: Shui Han@youtube

i just finished the 2nd film, and that one was pretty good and leaves me wanting more. i have totally become addicted to this!! i seriously need to get my hands on the books! hope they have english translations ones. XD anyways, watching the trailer for the 3rd installment… omg, this one is even more beautifully crazy and chaotic! i don’t know if Chen Xuedong’s character dies in here… or if Haden Kuo’s character finally reunites with the other three… and who are the new additional eye candies added to the films? lol but all i can say… despite how i dislike female drama and chick flicks.. this one is totally different on its own accord and Guo Jingming really knows how to make it his own. i’m not the type to enjoy and watch these type of genres… but i just love how it turned out. he’s really good… but that’s just my opinion. haha. anyways, i can’t wait for this to get released and hopefully it’ll have english subs with it too!! also heard there is a fourth installment in the works. and i know there are 3 books to the Tiny Times series, so this makes me think there will be 6 total films overall if it’s split into like two parts or something. anyways, yeah, if any kind soul would be of help… could anyone tell me the OST for this please? thanks!


just found out that Rhydian Vaughan will not be in this!! T^T but he is replaced by Vivian Dawson (another cutie) but still… i’m sad to know that. i wonder why he didn’t want to come back for this or if other things came up. curious as how Vivian Dawson will portray Gong Ming now. sigh.


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