sodagreen’s 【我好想你】for 「小時代」!!!

I Miss You MV for Tiny Times

video credits: 蘇打綠 sodagreen@youtube

alright, found me another song for Tiny Times! this one is a little sad, but i love it! it really fits the mood of the parts within Tiny Times during sad times and… those darker ones. anyways, i’ve heard of sodagreen, but i’ve never really paid attention since most of their song titles are in Chinese and i never could find a way to translate them. lol and so never really bothered until now. kinda sad, but it’s better late than never!! i forget if they are a band or a what, but gonna go with being a band. lol anyways, hope to find more songs from them and hopefully find some information in english about them as well to help me search better. XD anyways, enjoy!! =]


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