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小时代:青木时代 ~Tiny Times 2.0~

Tiny Times 2.0

video credits: 濂杙@youtube

alright, so i just finished the first film and gotta say that i totally enjoyed it! Guo Jingming isn’t that bad of a writer and i like what he’s done so far. although i would love to read the actual books because i always love reading the books before the films. hahaha. anyways, i’m curious as how this one will be like since in the trailer it showed some darker tones of the story and i think it will be in the 2nd half of it as the first one was more on a lighter tone. anyways read here for more info on character and what not. lol again, i have not seen this one as of yet and will have to watch it at another late date. lol hopefully later today that is. XD if not… tomorrow. xD and i totally can’t wait for the third installment!! also not sure if the same characters are in the first one also appear in the second one as only certain names were listed on wikipedia. i’ll just have to wait. lol