Ice Fantasy translated in English!!! [finally! lol]

so a friend of mine on tumblr has gone about translating Ice Fantasy by Guo Jingming in English!! yes! finally! I’ve been waiting for like 4 years to read this, and I’m glad that it’s getting a lot of attention because now I get to read it. bwhahaha. YOU CAN READ HERE if interested!! =] it’s a good start so far, and it’s only one chapter so far out of however many the book has, but it reminds me of Avatar: The Last Bender, and so I can only hope for more from reading it further!! =]



  1. Hello I would like to read it but I clicked on where the “here” button to read it but it said it wasn’t found.

    1. hello there! and i’m sorry about that, but it’s fixed now! i forgot that the translator changed her username, but it should be working now!! =] thanks for that or i wouldn’t have noticed at all. and once again sorry!! ^^”

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