Ice Fantasy finally unfrozen, potentially stars Kris Wu

I AM TOTALLY EXCITED FOR THIS! no not because of Kris Wu, but because of the storyline itself! i’ve never really read any of Guo Jingming’s writing before because it’s all in Chinese and i don’t know a lick of it, but i’ve seen pictures and read a summary of them and am looking forward to it. i also like Chinese fantasy films/dramas too, so that’s a major plus. so can’t wait for this and i hope it’s true!! whooo!! also, about 4 years ago, this was actually in the works to be produced, but something happen, and now it’s up again to be in production and what not. if i remember it clearly or not. lol the original cfensi site is no longer around so yeah.


After making history with "Tiny Times", will Guo Jingming also spearhead the fantasy category in Chinese film? After making history with “Tiny Times”, will Guo Jingming also spearhead the fantasy category in Chinese film?

If you follow Kpop, you’ll know that recently, another Chinese member of SM Entertainment – Kris Wu Yifan of Exo, has returned to China and filed suit for cancellation of his contract.  Most recently, an exchange between him and Guo Jingming on Weibo seems to indicate a collaboration between the two. More importantly, Tiny Times film series’ publicity company MaxTimes’ CEO confirmed that Kris had previously been tapped for Tiny Times 3 (but probably couldn’t be in it because of SM), and indicated that the collaboration will be for either Tiny Times 4.0 or Ice Fantasy.

Ice Fantasy is a fantasy-suspense novel featuring a pair of brothers, representing the Ice and Fire Kingdoms respectively, fighting in a world of illusions. The novel by Guo Jingming is a cross between ancient China with elements like the gushing and Western…

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