Too Much, It’s You, Your Love… It’s An Overdose.


Shangyin (OVERDOSE) MV

video credits: SMTOWN@youtube

so… the boys are back with a new song to promote and album and all that good stuff. i really like the song, it at first took a while to grow on me though. lol but i love the fact that in both versions, one half sings the first part and the other will sing the latter half, and then combine together at the end. i really like that.

anyways, ofc there is the whole issue at hand right now that is still on-going… and… honestly, not gonna dwell on that as it’s already still in hyped and what not. anyways… i like their old school fashion, and nowadays you really don’t see people wearing lugs. lol so i was actually happy to see that… yeah i’m an oldie in a way. xD anyways, and then there’s the suit outfits which goes surprisingly well as i think of it.

well… yeah, that’s about it. OVERDOSE would have been a nice era as all 12, but it is what it is. may they all have happiness and success towards their future.


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