Against the Current… Into the Well.

Against the Current [LIVE Video]

video credits: mreebee3@youtube

i actually found out about her early in year of last year, but totally forgot about her. wow. i did like her facebook fanpage and was reminded about her again… am such a bad, sad fan. anyways… blogging about her now though so i don’t forget! haha

anyways, Against the Current off of her freshman album, Grow, was the first song i’ve heard from her and loved the way she sounded! it was so refreshing and soothing. i think it was because of my cousin that i stumbled upon her. anyways, i saw that her latest update was that she was going to be on tour with this one female artist from the UK, but forgot her name, so lucky to those who attend the show!

also, when i went to check out her website:, i found out that she released her sophomore album, Winterwell. and how i came to listen to the title track, Into the Well. it still sounds like her style, but with a more… ambient feel… like something you would listen to… and feel… i dunno wanderlust like. not sure how to explain it, but the music video does it nicely.

anyways, if you haven’t checked her out, please do so! and well.. if you don’t, maybe spread the love for those that may do? doesn’t hurt to give it a try. and she’s been getting a lot of positive feedback and praises and i hope it continues on. hopefully one day i’ll get to see her live!

Into the Well MV

video credits: mreebee3@youtube


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