So… who else went to LA Korea Festival?

i think it was a fun concert. the sound system was really good and i could hear them from where i sat. lol i had to rely on the big screen to see them, but i still watched their little bodies from my seat still.

anyways, in a way didn’t matter, since many people jumped seats anyways. XD and there was a lot of screaming… like there’s the good kind, and then the annoying screaming at everything one. <~< so headache-like.

but um… i enjoyed every act… and there was one performer that i had no clue who was… something by the name of Bella? to me, she was sooo totally out of the blue. and the fact that she lip-sync, i believe, wasn't as nice. if she sang i think i would have enjoyed her performance more.

anyways, though, overall, it was a fun experience… but still the bag checking, the lines, the miscommunications with teh staffs and the waiting and what not was not fun at all.

hopefully next time it will be a lot better!! so who else went?

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