EXO’s MVs for Miracles in December~

Miracles in December MV CHN VER

Miracles in December MV KRN VER

video credits: SMTOWN@youtube

alright, at first, i wasn’t sure if i would like it or not, but turns out i really, really love it.
not because it’s exo… but because of the way the music was arrange as well as the lyrics, and the way it was sung too.
this really, really, reminded me of some of the older SMent’s songs, and… honestly, for some reason, it heavily reminded me of TVXQ back when they were five… and i almost cried while listening and watching.
sure the video could tell that it’s a sad song… but the first few chords… it already strikes you that it’ll be a sad song.
well, to me it did, and this song really touched me, even though i didn’t know what they were saying, but by their acting and the emotion in their vocals, it already gave that sense.
anyways, kind of sad that only Baekhyun, Chen, D.O, and Luhan are the only singers of this song, but i don’t mind, since it’s a really good pop, r&b, ballad? lol
hopefully the other songs do featured the other members.
also, i’m kind of curious if this is the song that they will promote… unless it’s like “What Is Love” and they will release another song to promote instead.
we’ll just have to wait and see i guess~ =]



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