[CONCERT] K-OTIC: The Memory Concert

PART 01 OF 03

PART 02 OF 03

PART 03 OF 03

video credits: Juthamat Buakam@youtube

okay, first off, the concert isn’t really that long. the uploader for some reason doubled the video to make it appear so… and… yeah it’s a bit annoying. lol
the other thing, IT’S HERE AND SOMEONE SHARED IT!! yeeeee~
i was really thinking that i would never see their last concert… ever see them at all, in general, but the concert, i thought i wouldn’t see it.
it’s really touching, and i’ve only seen the first part, but it’s live, the boys are great, they’ve improved, and sure it’s a bit faulty here and there, but i don’t expect them to be perfect… i just expect them to be performers and showing off their one last, great and final show together as all five and… as a memory.
but i love that Jongbae and Kenta’s Thai has seem to improved a lot, they speak it pretty well without hearing their accents as much. lol
and… gosh, the boys have just… grown and matured into such young, fine men. 5 years together… gosh, it’s really something.
sad that they won’t be k-otic anymore, but forever they will be k-otic, and i really do hope things go whatever way they want after this and what not, but to still always remain in touch and friends.


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