so i’ve seen both The Hunger Games movies now~

The Hunger Games TRAILER

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire TRAILER

video credits: TheHungerGamesMovie@youtube

alright, honestly, i’ve never read the books, and so i will need to get on that when a friend will lend it to me soon. lol
but it’s not that bad, it’s pretty good. the only reason i saw it was because of others. xD
i went to visit my cousins this summer and they happened to put on the movie, The Hunger Games, and so i just watched it.
it was pretty good, but honestly, i wasn’t really focused on it, but i watched enough and caught on enough to understand it.
because when i watched the second one, i wasn’t really into it again, but because i couldn’t do anything else in the theatre i watched it. lol
and this time, it was good, and is you know, middle of the story. as the first one is the beginning, there is only one more left… the ending, and that is what i’m waiting for.
as much as i’m not a big fan of it, i will watch it because it’s different from others, but reminds me a lot of other things just meshed together.
plus, i cannot get out that tune… Rue’s whistle tune… only because it reminds me of Lugia’s song. only the very first few seconds, because after that, they differ, but just those few seconds reminds me of Lugia’s song more than it does Rue’s song. lol
anyways…. that’s it. now i’m in waiting mode to watch the 3rd one, and i really hope it ends well, and not some other twists or some thing… but i would prefer to read the books still. lol


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