Don’t Be Down. So In Luv. Forever With You.

Don’t Be Down MV

So In Luv MV

Forever With You MV

video credits: 0918shui

when my sister was playing their song, So In Luv, in the background as i was on the coputer… i will honestly say that i thought i was listening to a japanese song at first. lol but then i heard korean, but couldn’t shake off the feeling that the singers had a japanese accent. XD i guess i’m just so used to hearing them in japanese for the past few years that they finally returned to the korean music scene that the accent was still there to my ears. XD anyways, i’m sooooooooooooo happy and that they promoted the songs too!! but Forever With You is new so no performances yet. but the other two, hell yeah! whooo! i hope they still keep going at it and never give up! their time will come… hopefully, if not, i hope they still strive on like they’ve been doing since debuting! oh… because i was listening and watching the mv for So In Luv… i honestly cried. i was that happy for them. hehe. yes i’m a weirdo. xD

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