131122 Forever + 再给爱一次机会 – Derrick Hoh 何维健 @ 第十八届《新加坡金曲奖》


video credits: mtje33

omg, i’m so jelly mang!! i wish i could have seen him perform live! i would soooo love it and go to one if he ever had one in the states!! come to America, DERRICK GEGE!! hehehe. anyways, wish the performance for FOREVER was longer… and i don’t know the other song or how to translate, will get one later. lol anyways, it’s a good song, just not sure what it’s about. but he’s sooooo adorable! he’s the only artist that i’ve looked up for the MAMA 2013 award so far. not really going to look up the others, except Tor+ Saksit and some others. lol anyways, congrats on winning Best Asian Award for SG though! if i somewhat remember correctly. lol anyways, enjoy the fancam! hopefully a live broadcast version will be out soon though~ and some more clips of him!!


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