JYP’s new group, 5LIVE~

found article here. korean article here.

WHooo~ actually as of right now, the only reason i’m interested is because BRIAN is gonna finally debut! whooo!
Brian… who used to be a youtuber with Terry He and Don Lee to make up 3rd Degree… by the username of ThumpingPenguin… if anyone remembers? if not… can go search for that user on youtube. lol

anyways, not sure of the official lineup members, but someone mentioned the 5 boys are Wonpil, Junhyuk, Sungjin, Jaehyung, Younghyun [is Brian, Young K is his stage name, i believe now?]. [in middle picture, that who they are from LtoR.]
as for the other 4 boys, i’m not sure who they are either, but i think someone mentioned also they are another group that JYP will debut too or something. [in bottom picture is Yugyeom, Bam Bam, Mark, and Jackson]
anyways…. whatever, am interested and i can’t wait for it!!
5Live is like a play on word for “alive” as the “5” in Korean is pronounce “oh”
also doesn’t help that it reminds me more of the Thai music show too. lol. it was called 5-Live as well! XD

Lovely Girl AUDIO

video credits: Dae Chan Lo

the song doesn’t sound that bad, is pretty nice.
i for sure won’t be watching the drama/movie ofc. lol
anyways, Brian’s vocals have improved, if i recognize it a bit that is. lol
anyways, that’s about it for now!
can’t wait for more information. 😀


GOT7 update and 5LIVE to DAY6. =]


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