XTEME’s MV for Lerk Kun Leuy (ເລີກກັນເລີຍ) ~

Separated Already/Broken Up Already [something like that]

video credits: TheShineBB@youtube

alright, XTREME is back!
the song is sad.
and it sounds different from their usual songs… well i seem to think so.
not sure how to word the english translation of the song. OTL
but it’s along those lines… really wish i was fluent man. >~<



  1. I think you have it right, “Broken up” 🙂
    Thank you so much for keeping me updated on Lao music! 🙂
    I like this song/these guys!

    1. haha thanks a lot! glad to know that my understanding is getting better!
      and you’re super welcome!
      i’m glad to be able to even find updates about Lao music!! 😀

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