KCON2013 in a few days!!

whooo getting ready for that!!
but as i keep finding out more things…
it doesn’t seem as appealing as it was last year…
as MNET MCD is involve.. seem like they are including a lot of artsits lineups…
and other things… to me it just seems wayyy too confusing. lol
but… honestly though… i don’t wanna be there… all day~
like… sure there are many things going on and what not…
but i have this feeling it’s going to be sketchy like last year’s.
sure… there are more people involved… but i just have this…
thing where it’s gonna suck.
not sure why.. but it’s probably just me.
like i’m looking forward to it and i’m excited but also nervous that it’s not going to be awesome.
maybe that’s just because of how i experienced the first time ever KCON…
so i guess the feeling is just rolling over to that too…
just have to wait and see then~


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