Selfish Person.

from LaoPop4U: “ R&B singer Johnny A, has released a new single entitled “Khon Aow Tae Jai”. The single features soulful vocals also accompanied by soft techno beats.
“Khon Aow Tae Jai” is a song about a guy who is overprotected to his girlfriend. Where ever she goes she has to let him know. The reason why he is like this is because he loves her too much. He doesn’t want to lose her.
Listen to “Khon Aow Tae Jai” below through a lyric video released by the artist himself!

Khon Aow Tae Jai (Selfish Person) AUDIO

video credits: SiliOLogic@youtube

the translation of the title of the song may be wrong.
it’s more… like a person who worries a lot and what not.
so i’m not sure how to translate it right.
gosh… failing in being fluent now. -_-
and it’s already been another year and haven’t learned that much.
lame. but anyways, the song is really nice.
sure it’s a bit of a sad song, but the beat is nice and really loving the vocals of both artist.


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