full audio of Annita’s 4th single, “ບົດຮຽນລາຄາແພງ”~

Bod Hien La Kha Pheang AUDIO

video credits: MuansonMedia@youtube

whooo full audio~
anyways… still not fluent… so yeah~
but this time “ka pheang” is like.. “expensive, expensive cost” of sorts.
i’m not sure what “bod hien” means though… so i can’t translate. OTL
but it’s a nice song, although sad, but i really like it.
Annita has good songs~ =]


2 Comments Add yours

  1. N says:

    It is translated as “a Priceless lesson”, in ASEAN music festival in japan.

    1. miss_vicky says:

      yeah there you go. thanks a lot! my mom was telling me, but i just couldn’t find the specific words for it. thanks again!! =]

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