Thank You For Your Love!~

Thank You For Your Love MV

Thank You For Your Love MV dance version

video credits: welovekamikaze@youtube

this song is just ❤
haha, it's cute, upbeat, and just really fun~
plus the music video is like… typically high school cute, but still cute nevertheless. 😄
anyways… the main guy looks really familiar.. he looks like [at first] EXO's suho. 😄
but then… really thinking about it, got me thinking of XIS's kevin.
so not sure~ i wish their was some type of confirmation though. lol
anyways~ enjoy enjoy!! it's all for fun and what not. =]


2 Comments Add yours

  1. anna says:

    It is a cute debut song (: That’s XIS’ Kevin yes! Haha BTW, you just named my two favorites from those two groups. Kevin & Suho!

    1. miss_vicky says:

      haha you’re welcome~
      and is it XIS’ Kevin, good. lol
      my sister agrees too. 😄
      and Suho is always love~ lol

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